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{Friday, September 5, 2014} 4:03 AM

Hi guys

Today I am going to talk about lip products which I would totally wear out often and also suits the season/ outfit you girls would wear out!

The video link is over here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khqyaya9bBw , do watch the video to see the swatches of the products!

The first one I have introduced for the fall look as well as bold colour would be the Bubble Gum from 3 Concept Eyes. As shown on 3CE website, they have a whole collection of lacquer, and the two that I have chosen was Bubble Gum and Back Stage.


Like I've said in the video, the product gives a matte finish but the texture leaves a velvety finish. You can also do the Korean trendy gradient lip look, it will give a much softer look to your entire makeup.
You can purchase the product over at 3CE webpage:

Next, pinkish red for those who prefer a more girly look.

I have chosen two lipsticks which is softer as well as it has a creamy texture. The lipsticks are very moisturizing, the colour is also not as vibrant as the lacquer is.

The first one I've spoke about its the Princess Happy Ending Lips Lipstick in Apple Red.

As for where to purchase this series of snow white collection, I don't think Singapore bring in yet, because I just came back from Korea, hence I gotten my hands on it. So, if you can't wait to get your hands on the product, I have googled for you guys, and ebay sells it.
You can purchase the item over here:
Next lipstick that I have introduced, is the 3CE Chuchu lipstick!

Its a Barbie colour !!! Anyway, it's really a more flirty and girly colour you can wear in summer time. Which I absolutely adore it ~
Where to purchase :
Next is the three lip products which is for people who is afraid of bold lips and would prefer a natural kind of lip colour.


The first one that I have mentioned in the video, the colour number 42, So Young Orange is very light, and also, moist looking lips is able to achieve using this colour.

You can purchase the item at

But I'm not very sure about it's authenticity.

Anyway there should be IOPE stores in Singapore ;) Do some googling !

Next two have similar colour shade, but one is darker (more orange) as compared to the other one. The two products are 3CE Come to me and 3CE Glass lip colour. Below, I will show you the difference between the two colour.

Now, you surely can tell the colour difference ;) 
As you can see, both of the lip colours are more towards the natural side, and I personally feel that tan skin looks better with orange as the lip product will show off more.

That's all for today, hope you enjoy the video and blog post! Do leave down any comment, suggestions here or on my youtube !

You guys can also email me at ninetynineroses@live.com



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